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Stocksbridge Storm to Success

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Stocksbridge Pentaqua swimmers continued to show success in the recent North Eastern Region events held over 3 weekends in May.

18 swimmers gained qualifying times to perform in 70 races in the prestigious regional championships, showing an increasing trend in the number of eligible swimmers produced by the club.  

The dedicated youngsters performed well with personal best times being well beaten.

Top 3 individual awards were achieved by Ben Croft and Makyle Iqbal.

Ben made an impressive 8 finals and Makyle 3 finals, with 3 top 3 placings between them.

Macy Yoxall also made it into a race final.

Stocksbridge Pentaqua Head Coach, David Wright, is extremely pleased with the swimmers achievements and values the efforts these children put into the sport. This achievement is impressive given the size and limited resources of the club; the reputation of Stocksbridge Pentaqua continues to grow.

Anyone wishing to know more about Stocksbridge Pentaqua Swimming club can contact the club at



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